About Us

Since it was founded KLEPSAN VANA is one of the leading companies aiming to fulfill their commitment to his customers and to continue to provide the quality on his way.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Klepsan Vana began its production in İstanbul Perşembe Pazarı Yanık Kapı Han. To cover the demands which is the result of our qualified service and having confidence in our products and company, we have kept going on production in our new factory which has 2000 sqm closed area in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 1994, furthermore we have started to serve our customers in our central sales office in Karaköy Perşembe Pazar.

Klepsan Vana has opened an investment flag against the Chinese query products and laid foundation of a new factory in 2005 in Organized Industrial Zone Hadımköy with a 13500m2 closed area and completely moved its production to his new factory at the beginning of 2007.

KLEPSAN VANA with its increasing production capacity by building the technological developments is being introduced abroad since 2007 and expanded its market in 9 other countries and developing its export facilities.

Since its establishment, Klepsan Vana is increasing its product range and the machinery course, is proud of its product reliability and adding value to its country economy. By the effort of conscious and qualified service of our employees for our precious customers, we aim to get profitable unity along the company and customers.

Klepsan Vana with the new factory building and office centers, equipped with the latest technology in our machines, experienced and professional sales and production R & D staff, with quality certificates TSE (TS3148-TS3147-TS579-EN 331), ISO 9001:2000, PCT (GOST) is producing the products to our customers with pride and will continue to serve our country.

KLEPSAN VALVE As we hope better things.

Honored Manager